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Parade Services 


Your event. Our floats. Magic!


Now you can rent original Blaine Kern Studios floats for your own parade or celebration. As the world’s largest floatbuilding firm, we maintain a fleet of over four hundred units, many of which can be rented throughout the year. From Super Floats that carry as many as sixty riders to compact Royal Floats that carry up to twelve, we’ll provide the ride that’s right for any event from a major parade to a homecoming or VIP presentation.
Our floats are available in a wide range of colors and styles. We can customize them with props that express your theme. Rentals include tractors and drivers unless otherwise specified. And we can handle all the details including insurance, permits and police escorts (if needed).

Depending on your requirements, we’ll need up to sixty days for float preparation, permitting and delivery. We can start making magic for you today. Call 800-362-8213 for more information.


Float Type Max # of Riders
Royal 12
Regular Single deck 20
Double Deck 30
Extended Double Deck 36
Super 60
Mini Float (Hand Pulled) 2-6
Property Truck/Personnel n/a