the kern studios dna

Every being has its own unique, defining characteristics. These are ours; together they constitute who we are as a company.

Creativity first

Kern Studios was founded and developed by artists, who were driven first and foremost by their creativity and a passion to express themselves. This focus on creativity still is a major part of Kern’s DNA. And it isn’t limited to artistic expression alone, but extends to all aspects of our business.

results through resourcefulness

We never say ‘no’ to any project. Much rather we devise the ‘how’. With our resourcefulness we will make it a success, turning improvisation into an art-form in itself. As a result, we deliver. Always. We’re proud to say this has created long lasting partnerships with all of our clients, from Mardi Gras Krewes to Universal Studios and Chick-fil-A.

Perpetual pioneers

There is a pioneering spirit engrained in Kern Studios, which has driven us to seek new challenges and horizons since the early 1930’s. This passion and curiosity for new projects, markets and technologies has enabled Kern Studios to do many large-scaled, out-of-the-ordinary productions, both nationally and internationally. With more than 80 years experience in innovation, we’re confident that if you are looking for something ‘crazy’ done well, we’re the ones to talk to.

As a result, Kern Studios is a high paced, dynamic working environment where people need to be highly flexible and resourceful. It’s not for everybody: to mesh well with the company’s characteristics, you have to be a self-starter that is able to deal with uncertainties, unknown results, never tried and tested methods and lack of standardization. And actually thrive under those conditions too.

Deep appreciation for hands-on craftsmanship

While embracing new technologies and knowledge to stay at the top of our game for generations to come, we continue to have a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. Our sculpting robot will never replace the artists, because although it can do many things, it is neither creative nor aware of esthetics.

It’s personal

Because of the creative nature of our business, we pour our souls into what we do. It’s much more than just a ‘job’; it is a passion. With a dedicated and experienced team of 70 people we work with great energy for a multitude of diverse clients. Our tight-knit, family-owned business not only deeply cares about what we do, but also about the people we work with, clients and staff alike. This makes matters at Kern Studios personal.

our mission

Kern Studios is deeply rooted in the unique Mardi Gras culture of New Orleans. We are proud to call the city our home. Its unique, savoir vivre, laid-back, work-hard-play-hard culture nourishes and inspires us to keep creating and exploring. We build hundreds of floats and props each year from concept through completion, yet the process never gets ‘old’ for us.

It is our mission to bring beauty and joy to the world through our creative work, and we simply love what we do!