About Us


Rooted in the unique Mardi Gras culture of New Orleans, Kern Studios is the premier specialty fabrication company for parades, custom 3D props for outdoor advertising, and themed environments. Kern Studios strives to create memorable entertainment experiences that exceed clients’ expectations by combining tradition and innovation.


We are a family business that is currently on its third generation of leadership. With over 80 years of experience in the entertainment production space, we are confident in our ability to produce the finest work in any context.

Kern Studios maintains a deep appreciation for the hands-on craftsmanship that built our business. What started in 1932 as a mule-drawn float on the back of a garbage wagon has become a global leader in parade and prop production.

Kern Studios is a fast paced, dynamic working environment that demands resourcefulness and ingenuity. Our dedicated and experienced team of artists, engineers, painters, sculptors, designers, and project managers work with clients from large multinational corporations to small local businesses. To learn more about our company click here.


There is a pioneering spirit engrained in Kern Studios that has driven us to seek new challenges and horizons since the early 1930’s. This passion and curiosity for new projects, markets, and technologies has enabled Kern Studios to become the premier speciality fabrication and entertainment production company.

Our emphasis on embracing technology sets us apart from competitors in that we can supplement our handmade work with more accuracy and efficiency. Our seven-axis Kuka robot, nicknamed “Pixie,” is the first of its kind to be used in an entertainment environment. Pixie is programmed with 3D modeling software and cuts into styrofoam, wood, clay, or stone within 1 millimeter of accuracy. While Pixie will never replace our artists, integrating technology into our artistic process allows us to consistently produce top of the line work.