Props and Sculptures

Custom Props and sculptures

Our 3D props, sculptures, retail displays, and public art installations are much more than decorative flourishes. They truly bring brands and ideas to life for a more meaningful experience. Kern Studios has built one of a kind props for clients such as Mars Candy, Harley Davidson, Peeps, Ethel M Chocolates, the NFL, the NBA, Tulane University, the New Orleans Saints, and many more.

From concept to completion

Our turnkey services begin with in-house concept design and development using 3D models, original sketches, and maquettes. In our 250,000 square foot studio in New Orleans, we combine the craftsmanship of our sculptors, painters, welders, and carpenters with cutting-edge technology like our seven-axis sculpting robot. Our emphasis on embracing modern technology to enhance our work truly sets Kern Studios apart.


More info

For more information about a unique prop or sculpture commission, please contact us. You can also find prop rentals here for enhancing parties, festivals, store openings, or other special events.

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