Chick-fil-A cows outdoor branding

Kern Studios is proud to be the exclusive provider of the globally recognized outdoor, 3D prop and theming campaigns for Chick-Fil-A which include countless installations around the United States. One of the largest installations originally made its MLB debut June 20th, 2008 at Turner Field (the former Braves home stadium). Today, the 40-foot-tall cow now resides in the Braves new home stadium, SunTrust Park. The cow was named Cathy, after Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, and has presided over 1000+ games, 9,000+ innings and 500+ home wins! The cow is a giant, mechanical statue that does the “tomahawk chop” and is capable of displaying various messages on the LED sandwich board strung around its neck. Additionally, the Braves hat that is currently atop the cow’s head is removable and interchangeable for potential diversification of branding opportunities. Kern also produces the countless cows that can be seen topping water towers, billboards and countless other advertising spaces around the United States. New iterations of these types of displays can be seen in the portable “seated cows” used in the Atlanta Hawk’s State Farm Arena and the Houston Astro’s Minute Maid Park. These cows are moved throughout the arenas throughout the year as a portable means of advertising.