Custom Floats


Kern Studios builds individual custom floats for parades and special events around the world. Using traditional craftsmanship, original designs, and technology, we’ve been able to build larger-than-life concepts that exceed the expectations of our clients. From a 30-foot rubber duck to steam trains, riverboats, dragons, Trojan horses, and beyond, there is no idea too big for us to tackle.

Building Floats

Our turnkey services begin with in-house concept design and development using 3D models, original sketches, and maquettes. In our 250,000 square foot studio in New Orleans, we combine the craftsmanship of our sculptors, painters, welders, and carpenters with cutting-edge technology like our seven-axis sculpting robot. Innovative add-ons include live streaming cameras and TV screens, custom fiber optics, and LED lighting systems. Our logistics department handles every detail of production from transportation, route management, storage, permits, insurance, and police escorts.

We also have rental floats available that can be fully customized for a single event such as birthday parties or collegiate and professional sports-related celebrations. If you would like to explore options for a custom float, please email


If you would like to explore  options for a custom float, please contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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