Bacchus Salutes 50 Years of Saints With A Special Treat For The Falcons

For Mardi Gras 2017, the Krewe of Bacchus decided already in May 2016 that their theme was going to be a salute to the 50th season of the New Orleans Saints and so we started designing their themed floats accordingly.

One of the first designs we got approved, was the float that was highlighting the Saints’ rivalry with the Falcons. Under the name ‘The Young and the Ringless’, we designed, built and painted a float that gave a little ‘poke’ to Falcons fans, teasing them with the fact they never won a Super Bowl Championship.

Little did we know that later that year, the Falcons would be in the Super Bowl… losing another Championship! Soon after that, a Bacchus and Saints fan picked up on the float themed ‘The Young and the Ringless’ and posted it on Twitter, after which things blew up on social media. All local channels picked up on it, as well as ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and even USA Today.

Naturally, the float was created in the summer of 2016, all in good spirit, without any malicious intends. It’s just a Mardi Gras tradition to poke a little and make fun of others and yourselves. Let’s hope  the Falcons fans can appreciate the spirit of Mardi Gras too…

To view all the Saints themed floats prior to the 49th Bacchus Parade, click here.


New Orleans, February 2017