Tribute to the Makers of Mardi Gras by Associated Press

To some, Mardi Gras has a reputation of being all about drunken revelry. Associated Press wanted to change that perspective.

By showing several New Orleanian citizens that pour all their creativity, love and hard work into creating Mardi Gras, one gets a deeper understanding of the culture and celebrations of New Orleans.

Rightfully so, one of the featured ‘Makers of Mardi Gras’ is Kern Studios’ very own Mr. Raymond Joseph Bowie Sr.

Beautifully portrayed, Mr. Raymond has been with Kern Studios for almost 40 years and is now a master float painter for the Super Krewes of Rex, Orpheus and Endymion. When watching his story, don’t forget to pay attention to his shoes!

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New Orleans, February 15 2016