Materials used by Kern Studios – Sculpt, Paint, Recycle, Repeat

When you build over 500 floats and thousands of props each year for Mardi Gras alone, you need a lot of materials. Kern Studios often gets asked how much is used for each individual project. The true answer to that is: we don’t know!

Not because we are that unorganized, but because we recycle. A lot! We try to minimize our carbon footprint by re-using as many materials as possible. Leftover basic paint from one project might make excellent highlights on another. And scraps of wood or Styrofoam might be waist from one project but make for excellent material for other jobs. And even entire sculptures are ‘recycled’: last year’s witch might become next year’s princess!

Although it’s hard to keep track of how much materials exactly go into one specific project, obviously we can answer ‘how much’ materials we use on average in total, per year. Have a look at the info graphic to find out about our production numbers!

New Orleans, April 2017