PEEPSFEST® in Bethlehem, PA

Most people know about the huge glittering ball being dropped at Times Square in New York at New Year’s Eve. But by no means is the NYC ball the only object being dropped, nor is it the cutest: in Bethlehem, PA an adorable, larger-than-life PEEPS Chick is used. And Kern Studios got to build it!

During PEEPSFEST®, the annual two-day family-friendly New Year’s Eve festival at SteelStacks grounds, hundreds of children and their families come to see the PEEPS® Chick Drop at 5:15 p.m. on Dec. 31 to welcome the beginning of the new year.

The all-new PEEPS® Chick was made from translucent resin, measures 4-feet and 9-inches and weighs 200-pounds. It is lit using 16 wireless, battery-operated, remote-controlled LED lights, enabling a dynamic light show during the Drop. Using two picking points on the Chick, it can be stably descended using the crane at SteelStacks. A truly amazing piece!

Although some of the kids closest to the PEEPS Chick were slightly disappointed to discover after the Drop that the chick was not made from sugar-covered marshmallow….