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3d advertising spectaculars

Kern Studios 3D props are powerful tools for meaningful brand activation and experiential marketing. We offer in-house design and work in partnership with outdoor companies and local engineers to develop concepts that are creative and feasible. We combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with 3D scanning and robotic sculpting to replicate any brand icon.

Enhance Your Branding Image

Our work for Chick-fil-A is a great example. To augment their cow campaign, we produced life-sized 3D cows and accompanying props for billboards across the Southeast. We also built a 46-foot tall cow for SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA. The Kern Studios cow props bring Chick-fil-A’s campaign to life and cultivate a unique and memorable branding message.

We have also created outdoor advertising props for clients such as Disney, Walmart, Mars Candy, Peeps, Ethel Chocolates, Dodge, and Hard Rock Café, to name a few. See our props in action here:

Custom quote for outdoor advertising productions

Are you looking for a spectacular 3D billboard or daring OOH installation? We’ll gladly brainstorm with you to come up with creative advertising ideas.



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