7′ Mardi Gras Queen head

7′ Mardi Gras Queen head


Rent the 7′ Mardi Gras Queen Head with elegant gold tiara and earrings for a fantastic affair. This prop works well for Mardi Gras and other New Orleans events, especially when combined with the King that goes with this Queen.

Royalty is a large part of Mardi Gras. Kings, Queens, a Royal Court, and jesters add to the sentiment of Mardi Gras. Though Jesters and masks are the predominant themes, it is recommended to add the Mardi Gras King Head and Mardi Gras Queen Head to a Mardi Gras decor package.

Materials: Fiberglass with a steel armature and steel base. Steel base has attachment points for added security. Each Queen Head is completely hand-painted by our artists in the studio. There will often be variations on hair, eye, and jewelry colors depending on availability. All of the fiberglass items are covered in a clear-coat that can be used for temporary outdoor use.


36" 86" 44"

Rental Price Per Day

$500 USD

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