Giant Fruit On the Move: Walmart Groceries at UBER Speed

Giant Fruit On the Move: Walmart Groceries at UBER Speed

Kern Studios recently partnered with Walmart and UBER to build custom props to bring to life an advertising campaign for their grocery delivery partnership. The goal was to bring brand awareness to a new service in a competitive market. Marketing and special projects executives at UBER reached out to Kern Studios after seeing our advertising work across the country, and we were excited to take on a new and challenging opportunity.

After extensive brainstorming and design, Kern Studios was able to create props that activate both the Walmart and UBER brands. The custom fruit and vegetable props sat on top of cars to create an eye-catching mobile display. We engineered a tomato, banana, head of lettuce, and an orange and custom-fit them to UBER cars.

This project represents our ability to work with some of the world’s largest companies to further their new business ventures. The Kern Studios props were a key element to the pilot project. The car toppers are on UBER cars nationwide, so look out for Kern Studios props in your city soon.

Click here to watch the commercial and see our props in action.

New Orleans, May 2017