Klein Tools puts Kern Studios Electricians in the spotlight

Klein Tools puts Kern Studios Electricians in the spotlight

One of the many overlooked and underestimated aspects of all the things that go on behind the scenes of producing a Mardi Gras parade is electricity. Nonetheless, everyone who has ever watched a night-time parade will agree that pretty lit floats certainly add to the magic!

For their campaign ‘Powering America’s Passion’, our preferred supplier Klein Tools wanted to bring out our crew of electricians into the spotlight and so they came down for a visit to see firsthand how our floats are powered up. 

Aside from intricate float light designs using fiber optics, various LED concepts and classic bulbs, the Klein crew was impressed to find out about the many generators we have and the vital role they play in keeping things up and running. And not just floats…

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Kern Studios sustained severe wind damage but was spared from the flooding. With the buildings still intact, including the many generators used to provide electricity during parades, the 82nd Airborne, Red Cross, and Salvation Army eventually used Kern Studios as a base to provide aid!

Check out the wonderful Klein Tools video story.

New Orleans, February 2017